• Turbocharge your Research with Lightning Fast PCR

    Robust amplification of amplicon up to 250bp for difficult assays

    Sensitive detection of low abundance targets

    Highly reproducible data

    Highly stable at room temperature

    High tolerance for inhibitors and varying assay melting temperature

    Highly versatile; designed to support most real-time qPCR machines in the market

    MiRXES formulated BlitzAmp qPCR Master Mix to support research and routine testing requirements for high specificity, sensitivity, robustness and speed. Its proprietary blend of PCR polymerase, dNTPs, DNA binding dye, salts and stabilizers is the ideal molecular solution to generate high-quality data in the shortest time with ease.
  • Generate top Quality data in a Flash

    Short qPCR running protocol - 34 minutes

    Translate into higher productivity and notable capital investment savings

    Comparison table for three different cycling protocols on time required, time savings, number of plates that could be run in 3 hours and % increase in productivity. With shorter run time, MiRXES Fast cycling and Lightning cycling protocol increased productivity over standard cycling protocol by 300% and 500%, respectively. * Total time required for a PCR run of 40 cycles.
  • Fast and Robust

    MiRXES BlitzAmp Master Mix supports robust amplification of amplicons up to 250 bp using

    Lightning cycling protocol for accurate quantification in just 34 min.

    Amplicons of lengths 101 bp and 254 bp were amplified using qPCR Master Mixes.
    Using the Lightning thermal cycling protocol (i.e., Hot start 95°C/5 min, denaturation 98°C/1 s, annealing/extension 60°C/5 s, for 40 cycles, total 34 min run time). In just 34 min run time, MiRXES BlitzAmp Master Mix supports efficient PCR amplification of up to 254 bp amplicon. Initial concentrations ranged from 5 x101 to 5 x107 copies per reaction.
  • Reaction Stability

    Reactions set up with MiRXES BlitzAmp qPCR Master Mix can be stored at room temperature for up to 96 hours with neither decrease in performance nor increase in non-specific signals, making it ideal for high throughput laboratory setups.

    Reaction mixes containing BlitzAmp qPCR Master Mix were left at room temperature after set up for up to 96 hours prior to qPCR to demonstrate superior reagent stability. Data showed that qPCR efficiency was maintained between 95-96% and Ct values were virtually identical for all conditions tested (standard deviations plotted above). No signals from NTC wells was detected.
  • BlitzAmp cDNA Synthesis Kit

    Provide access to full spectrum of the transcriptome

    Combining an optimized blend of random hexamers and achored oligo dT primers

    8 logs of dynamic range

    18S rRNA was amplified from cDNA synthesized from 25fg to 250ng of total RNA using BlitzAmp cDNA Synthesis Kit and BlitzAmp qPCR Master Mix
    R2 : 0.999
    Efficiency: 97%
  • Compatible with most Real-time qPCR machines

    MiRXES BlitzAmp qPCR Master Mix is designed to support most real-time qPCR machines in the market

    Lo-ROX and Hi-ROX.

    Covers the Real-time qPCR instruments that are compatible with BlitzAmp qPCR Master Mix, their ROX requirement and the catalogue numbers of the qPCR Master Mix for ordering.