Pioneers in microRNA Detection

MiRXES is a Singapore headquartered biotechnology company founded in 2014 by three inspiring Scientist-Entrepreneurs. Spun off from a university lab with the support from A*Star, Prof. Too Heng Phon, Dr. Zhou Lihan and Dr. Zou Ruiyang strived to bring innovative, cutting-edge assay technologies and products for the detection of miRNA to research labs and clinics.

We are pioneers in microRNA biomarker research and have patented a best-in-class RT-qPCR technology for sensitive quantification of microRNAs for life sciences research and clinical diagnostic applications. Our microRNA detection technology is powering academic and clinical microRNA research globally, and has been adopted by leading non-coding RNA core facilities at the National University of Singapore's Medical Science Cluster and Harvard Medical School's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Leaders in microRNA Biomarkers for Cancer

We partner with multinational pharmaceutical companies and world-renown clinical institutions to develop next-generation blood-based cancer diagnostic and prognostic tests.

We are leaders in developing microRNA biomarker liquid biopsy tests for accurate and minimally invasive early cancer detection. Our database of over 40,000 clinical microRNA profiles covering all major cancer types, collected in collaboration with top medical research institutes and major pharmaceutical companies globally, is the basis for our liquid biopsy pipeline for cancer screening.

Our Mission

To advance miRNA technologies to empower translational R&D

Identify novel miRNA disease biomarkers in biofluids and tissues

Develop non-invasive cancer screening and diagnostic tests.