February 25,2019
MiRXES/Ark's CTO on Using Big Data and Analytics to Create a World Without Cancer

MiRXES/Ark CTO, Dr Zou Ruiyang, talks about how MiRXES' R&D team is focusing on early cancer detection through the innovation of Ark's own novel analytical methods in an interview with CIO Asia, a leading digital platform which attracts the highest concentration of enterprise CIOs and business technology executives across the Asia-Pacific region with unparalleled peer insight on business strategy, innovation and leadership.

The article featured MiRXES/Ark as an industry leader in the MedTech domain through our utilisation of breakthrough miRNA technology and the application of big data analytics to develop effective patient solutions. Significantly, MiRXES's patented and best-in-class miRNA quantification technology was highlighted as a key differentiating factor in aiding highly sensitive and specific cancer detection. MiRXES/Ark's plan to drive Asia's largest clinical studies was also mentioned as we seek to consolidate the world's largest curated dataset of absolutely quantified clinical miRNA profiles. This dataset will contribute to the clinical validation and continual improvement of MiRXES's products for early cancer detection.